Bangkok, Thailand, Grand Palace

Bangkok, Thailand, Grand Palace


Bangkok, Thailand, Grand Palace rooftops.

I’ve always thought of Thailand as the world's most exotic country. Even at traditional Bangkok tourist spots, there’s always something new to see, or some new way to see it. Here I focused on the rooftops of the city's main attraction, the Grand Palace of the King and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Within a sprawling complex surrounded by a high wall is a fabulous assortment of Thai architectural styles from many historic periods, each more ornate than its predecessor. It’s a fantasy world hard to take in with just a single visit, and your camera will beg for more.


Available in 2 sizes: [12”x16”] for $55 and [20"x30”] for $95, printed on elegant, lightweight stretched canvas, wrapped around 1¼” depth stretcher bars with black edges, ready to hang.

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